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Forecasting Air Quality In Delhi - Overview

Forecasting Air Quality In Delhi - Overview

Gridded Vehicle Exhaust Emissions in DelhiThe air quality forecasting system for the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi issues daily report on the movement of the criteria pollutants for the next three days. These reports are updated @ 7 PM (IST).

The report includes information on pollutant concentrations (for PM10, PM2.5, SO2, NO2, CO, and O3) and the meteorological conditions. The meteorological data is extracted using the WRF meteorological model (coupled with NCEP/GFS weather forecasts) and the concentrations are extracted using the 3D Eulerian chemical transport model - CAMx and a geo-referenced/time-profiled emissions inventory @ 1km x 1km resolution over the NCR region (domain covers an area of 80km x 80km).

More details on Air Quality in Delhi.

The daily updates from the system include

Relevant papers from the SIM Series

SIM-22-2009: AQM in Delhi: Then, Now, & Next
SIM-25-2009: Air Pollution Chemistry in Delhi, India
SIM-28-2009: Measuring Autorickshaw Emissions to Inform Air Quality Policy
SIM-29-2009: Monitoring & Mapping Urban Air Pollution: One Day in Delhi, India
SIM-31-2010: Role of Meteorology on Urban Air Pollution Dispersion: A 20yr Analysis for Delhi
SIM-32-2010: Estimated Air Pollution & Health Benefits of Metro System in Delhi, India
SIM-36-2011: Air Quality Forecasting System for Cities: Modeling Architecture for Delhi, India


This system is based on the best data available to us from open-sources on emissions and meteorological parameters. If you have any questions on the modeling framework or the inputs, please send an email to CLOAKING



India Together "What will it take to make Indian cities environment-smart"

Environment Development "Role of Urban Growth, Technology, and Judicial Interventions on Vehicle Exhaust Emissions in Delhi for 1991-2014 and 2014-2030 periods"

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