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An effective air quality management plan requires information on ambient air pollution levels with substantial spatial and temporal coverage. To support Delhi’s air pollution management, we forecast ambient concentrations of criteria pollutants for the next 72-hours, using meteorology processed through 3D-WRF meteorological model and the concentrations simulated through the CAMx chemical transport modeling system. The modeling domain covering Delhi and its satellite cities, extends 80 km in North to South and 80 km West to East, with a spatial resolution of 0.01 degrees (~1 km) and a temporal resolution of 1 hour. The modeled meteorology and concentration data fields are updated everyday at ~7:00 PM IST.

A vital characteristic of Delhi’s air quality lies in its own air pollution sources, and in the pollutants from the neighboring regions through long range transport. These sources include fossil fuel burning, open fires, and seasonal dust. The air quality modeling framework interjects these contributions for national, regional and urban areas, to better support a long-term air quality management plan and establish a short-term health alert system. Here is an infograph on why we need the support of a “top-down” monitoring based approach and a “bottom-up” modeling based approach to better understand the spatial and the temporal pollution trends in a city.

The times series and maps on this page provide a snapshot of the results from public monitoring networks and the modeled forecasts for the Greater Delhi region. Modeling is like solving a 1000 piece puzzle, with everything from meteorology to emissions overlapping; and there is no one way of putting it together. We are learning with every forecasting exercise – about the emission strengths, their locations, and when they are; to put forth a better guesstimate of what is coming for the next three days.

Delhi Air Quality Forecasts Delhi Air Quality Forecasts Delhi Air Quality Forecasts Delhi Air Quality Forecasts

For more details, visit the Delhi air quality forecasting page. Additional data fields