India – Air Quality Forecasts

Air pollution has emerged as a major challenge in Indian cities and the problem becomes more complex due to multiplicity and complexity of the mix of emission sources, such as, industries, automobiles, generator sets, domestic fuel burning, road side dusts, construction activities, etc. Our India air quality forecasting system interjects contributions of pollution for national, regional and urban areas, to better support a long-term air quality management plan and a short-term health alert system. Various products from the forecasting system include

National Forecasts – Particulate Matter (size < 2.5µm) (PM2.5)

India Air Quality Forecasts India Air Quality Forecasts India Air Quality Forecasts India Air Quality Forecasts

An effective air quality management requires reliable information on ambient air pollution levels with substantial spatial and temporal coverage. Air quality data are generally available through air quality measurement campaigns; which is also an ideal database to statistically forecast pollution levels in the next 3-4 days, based on past experiences. However, this database is not enough to explain the highs and the lows, source contributions, and spatial patterns in the observed trends. As part of the forecasting system, we are able to cover this gap via emissions inventory development, dispersion modeling, and source apportionment.